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Aegnorindas the Artificer | Member Since 10 Jun, 2021
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Love reading, playing video games and Tabletop RPG.
Creating my own world named Kalmir.

Interests & Hobbies

Cooking Coding

Favorite Movies

Lord of the rings trilogy Her Nolan's films Kimi no nawa Mononoke Hime Summer's wars Ookami kodomo no Ame to Yuki

Favorite TV Series

Full metal alchemist Steins;Gate Hunter x Hunter Fate series Vinland Sage Made in Abyss C Control Baccano

Favorite Books

Mistborn The black magicien The Royal Assasin Six of Crows Eragon The Witcher The Dwarfs Tower of God

Favorite Writers

Andrej Sapkowski Brandon Sanderson J.R.R Tolkien Robin Hobb Pierre Bottero SIU

Favorite Games

Final fantaisie series World of Warcraft Monster Hunter The legend of Zelda Golden Sun Metroid Path of Exile Pillar of Eternity Divinity original sin 1 and 2 Terraria Factoria Hunt Showdown Valorant Magic the gathering


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