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A.J.Rhys | Member Since 9 Jun, 2019
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Up in a tree, on a mountaintop, near the ocean, lives a very strange elf-dragon-fairy sort of creature who has a lot of curly blond hair. You can often find her trying to bring stories of Redemption, Truth, and Wonder to life--whether by pulling them out of her head, or joining in on the ones going on around her. Like all beings, she bears the honored image of her Creator, but also carries a heavy curse and a dark heart of pride and selfishness. Thankfully, she was introduced to the Light and cleansing Blood of her Creator at a very young age, and is now Free -- free from her curse -- free to be who she was created to be -- free to get to know her Creator as her friend and True king -- and free to fight battles and go on adventures with Him forever and ever. She really doesn't have that much to complain about. Yes, there are still plenty of terrors, and battles will be lost, and sometimes she will get very distracted and whispers of the dark ways will surge up in her once again. But she knows how it's all going to end up eventually - darkness is only the absence of Light. Darkness never stood a chance.

Interests & Hobbies

-Writing -Art-ing -Roleplaying via C'LARP (Christian Live Action Role Play) -Animating -Enjoying Nature, Cats and People -Imagining Characters and Worlds -"Rescuing" and Repainting Fashion Dolls (See Blog here: -Crafting -Gardening

Favorite Movies

-Lord of the Rings -Into the Spiderverse -Enchanted April -It's a Wonderful Life -Megamind -Incredibles -Inside Out

Favorite TV Series

-The Westmark Trilogy -Redwall -The Prydain Chronicles -Narnia -Lord of the Rings -The Mysterious Benedict Society

Favorite Books

-The books I'm writing. *coughs*

Favorite Writers

-Lloyd Alexander -C.S. Lewis -Elizabeth Goudge -J.R.R. Tolkien -My Writer Friends

Favorite Games

-Playing Pretend. XD


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